Application Industry

Application Industry

Application Industry

Application Industry

  • Telecom industry

    Telecom industry

    From materials, based on telecom

    In the telecommunication industry, Cotran provides products and solutions such as waterproof, anti-corrosion, color identification and other products and solutions, as well as integrated solutions such as buried battery boxes to meet the special needs of customers. In the field of telecommunication, the market share of waterproof is far ahead of other competitors, and Cotran’s products and solutions has been the accepted by majority of operators and equipment providers.

  • Automobile industry

    Automobile industry

    Smart car, Smart life

    The automobile seal strip is a unique part in automobile parts, which integrates coordination, function and appearance, and gives consideration to both dynamic and static conditions. At the same time, it also plays the role of waterproof, noise proof, dust proof, sealing and beautifying decoration in the whole car parts. It widely used in car doors, car frames, car bodies, engine cabins, trunk and windows (including sunroof) and other parts.

  • Marine industry

    Marine industry

    Make the marine environment more friendly

    The Marine industry is an emerging industry, rich in renewable energy. The government has introduced corresponding policies to encourage the rapid development of the Marine industry, which has a broad prospect. COTRAN marine business now starting from the protection requirements of offshore steel structure layout, for the construction of infrastructure, offshore wind power, cross-sea bridge, offshore steel structures, such as protective as involved in the forefront of ocean industries. With material technology and process innovation as the core, we provide integrated solutions such as anticorrosion and waterproofing to help the development of Marine economy.

  • Electric Power Industry

    Electric Power Industry

    Science and technology power electricians, safe home

    Relying on the group's continuous investment and innovation, in the field of core material technology, the electrical business unit now has three product lines: electrical maintenance, cable accessories and fire-proof solutions. The products have been widely used in power grid construction and have been widely recognized by customers.