Experts: It is still necessary to solve some key problems to achieve "Internet of Things"

At the first Digital China Construction Summit held in Fuzhou on the 23rd at the Internet of Things Sub-forum, experts and industry experts from all walks of life discussed the development trend and practical application of the Internet of Things industry, and analyzed China’s entry into the era of “All Things Wise Alliance”. "Pain points" problem.

On the forum, Tan Xiaosheng, president of 360 Group technology and chief security officer, said that the product fragmentation is serious and the lack of a unified industry standard is a prominent problem in China's Internet of Things. He took smart homes as an example to point out that major manufacturers have their own set of standards, but it is difficult to achieve interconnection between different manufacturers' products. "The real advantage of the Internet of Things is to realize the intelligence after the interconnection. This is a challenge now facing us," he said.

Yin Hao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Internet of Things Committee of the Chinese Electronics Association, believes that the development of the Internet of Things has accelerated the integration of technology into life and has also brought about security problems. “In October 2016, DYN’s servers, the major domain name server provider in the United States, suffered serious DDoS attacks, leading to large-scale Internet disasters.” In Yin Hao’s opinion, “The same thing may also happen in China. All participants in the system shall be responsible for the security of their equipment, data, and solutions, including device manufacturers, application developers, industry application service objects, and IoT companies."

Fuyang University professor and Zhu Yangyong, chief scientist of Fuzhou City Big Data, put forward the question of "the cost of technology". That is, in the construction of big data behind the Internet of Things, how to make technology more cost-effective in capital investment, so as to ease the pressure of capital on the government. At present, Zhu Yangyong's team is studying the "comprehensive indicator of the technical effect of unit cost" and hopes to put forward a judgment standard for the cost performance of the technology.

Yin Hao said that from the “Internet of Everything” to the “All Things Wise,” we must establish a standard system of standards, a security guarantee system, and a reasonable operation and maintenance support system, and further implement network, data, and application processes under the support of the three major systems. Deep integration with service.